Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette 125 Ml Men 'S Perfume For Men Original Perfume


Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette 125 Ml Men ‘S Perfume For Men Original Perfume
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Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette 125 Ml Male Perfume

Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette 125 Ml Men Perfume

Skin Types
Suitable for all skin types.
Product Features
Essence: Fresh Energetic, adventurous, strong and sexy. Ocean sonsuzluğunda free men and its waves arasındaki stance. Strong and masculine but at the same time also refreshing. For the first time this smell ozansu combined with sheet music classic sheet music. Hill Note: Lavender, Coriander, Mint, Rosemary, Orange Blossom Heart Note: Jasmine, Oakmoss, geranium, Sandalwood Dip Note: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar wood
Product Advantages
Daily suitable for use.
Product Use
Clean skin and outfit apply as often as desired.

Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette 125 Ml, isminin coolness and refreshment çağrışımını vücudunuza carries and angry kumlardan cool waters the feel of jumping. Smellin fresh instantly giving a feeling of freshness and cleaning it is all day long teninizde and giysilerinizde accompanies you. Name this perfume is a cool as, as you can use it with a refreshing feeling in summer and spring, during the winter months the same feeling can choose to continue.
This Fragrance Sizinİçin?
It is heavy perfumes or yoğun scents instead, calm, cool, fresh and spacious fragrances for those who prefer the ideal choice. Yürüdüğünüzde ardınızda, from the environment also realized the viridian fragrance remains, but the dominant, dense and not pretentious, compatible, fresh and elegant kokudur. Integrates with your body, well maintained and clean image perfectly complements.
Ocean Power Inspiration Field Fragrance
Day getting in or day tazelenmek istediğiniz use the moment. Your neck like gentle breeze is okşayacak Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette 125 Ml, very suitable for daily use. Daily your clothes to be bütünleyicisi and signature kokunuz is poised to become.
The inspiration from taking üretilen Davidoff Cool Water, an iconic kokudur. Top notasında mint and lavender stand out. Heart note also called mid notes as yoğun geranium and sandalwood. Bottom note if musk and amberin hot flow filtered. Citrus fragrances with spicy, floral, woody scents melodiously dance that parfümdür. Eau de Toilette so EDT on this product, with 125 mloluşu suitable for long time use.
25 years Used İkonik Fragrance

Daily use, different environments and active or quiet for a day. You ferahlamış, refreshed, neşelenmiş, awakened and serinlemiş feel. Clean and well maintained imajınızın bütünleyicisi. All day long teninizde remains and this kokuyla your every moment teninizle identify, different notalarını music. 25 yıldır men yoğun allows you to experience the feeling of freshness of perfume, ikonikleşmiş a kokudur. Often use and suitable for many in that user’s signature scent is poised to become.

Style no Davidoff Cool Water Can Complete with
Davidoff Cool Water, clean a skin or also can be used as often as desired by tightening the use of clothes. Immaculately after shower and refreshed teninizi this parfümle complement or day in freshness and refreshment hissine using when you need them this share kavuşabilirsiniz. Your clothes off when hanging odor, still is giysilerinizde may feel. With the persistence of Teninizdeki at different notalarındaki odors with change and ahengi you enchanted. First is concentrating on sıktığınızda mint and lavender top notes can be, short time after middle notes the geranium and sandalwood fragrance with character duyumsayabilirsiniz. Finally, after a period of kullanımınızdan teninizde the musk and amber is accompanied by the rest of the day to you.
Power, Refreshment and Grace, Together In Harmony
Zino Davidoff group is a family run business, hundred years before when Kiev’den Geneva migration there by a tobacconist, on and off in time as organic assosciated. Brand inspired and heart Zino Davidoff’tur. Brand, its products are natural elegance, quality, style and uniqueness that the occasion. Of Zino Davidoff also maceracı, subtleties, seeking sadelikten since, in the line of a humble and timeless, products at this style reflects.
You can also Davidoff Cool Water’ın inspired from the area, strong, spacious, fresh and cool smell can complement your style with all day long, elegant, elegant and fit feel.

Fragrance Type

Spicy, Floral, Spacious, Woody, Citrus

Perfume Millilitre

125 ml

Fragrance Type


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  1. A nice smell arrived at

  2. First time bought it. Smell like it very much.

  3. With one word perfect this my parfumez only omuzlara sıkacaksınız smell uncanny personally i ve my wife begendi rest, who the hell cares


  5. Thank you which one you love fragrance. Discounted as got it. Original product. The Product intact as fast arrived.




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