Dkny Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Edp 100 Ml Women 'S Perfume


Dkny Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Edp 100 Ml Women ‘S Perfume
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Dkny Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Edp 100 Ml Women ‘S Perfume

Dkny Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 100 Ml women’s perfume,The arrival of in summer, celebrating a joy and elegance in the same bottle buluşturan seductive fragrance. Young women’s modern, dense the beat of foot keeps up with the Fresh Blossom’da first prominent, fresh fruit and flower decoration leaves from tazeliktir. Especially ideal for daily use parfümdür. Inside harbored flower notes feminine touch when, fruity sheet music is confident, urban women energy reflect. Fresh and Be elegans fore resulting Dkny Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, EDP as. Therefore to cleaning and refreshing feeling despite kalıcılığından compromises. Each sıktığınızda ferahlığını homely fruit fragrances youth energy by projecting at spring and summer aylarının sparkling to ensure the perfect fit.

Spacious and Elegant Sheet Music
Dkny Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 100 ml women’s perfume notes, daily to suit your need, during the spring and sweltering sıcaklarda heavy scents can choose instead giving a feeling of freshness musical note gradation.
Sıktığınız energetic and young feeling while at bekledikçe elegant and feminine feeling teninizde remains.
Especially in summer days and evening as well as day you can choosed woody notes density is yoğun esanstan from permanence supports.
Apple shaped this cute bottle right in your hand use by sitting comfort. Cute appearance feminine and elegant features of spring, neşesi and uyanışını help you feel.

Product Content:
Product 100 ml weighs. Fragrance, produced the EDP for 10 to 20 of rates are original among essence. Light but a permanent odor due to working environments or in summer bulunacağınız crowded environments discomfort. The persistence of long time use allows.

Top notes:Grapefruit, matured apricot, red currant
Middle notes:Pearl flower, rose, jasmine
Bottom sheet music:Woody and red apple

Fruity and floral notalara having parfümde fruity notes Be Delicious Fresh Blossom’u around the anına foot uydurabilen cheerful and an energetic perfume when rose, jasmine and pearl flower sweetish odor balancing spaciousness sağlar.

Donna Karan Feel
Donna Karan 30 years for American fashion world iconic figures become one. Design life Donna Karan New York brand name starting fashionista, young daughter giysilerine demonstrated interest due to DKNY under the name of urban life young and dynamic face; to join with other face of gorgeously and eye-catching. Collections, with modern life balance will provide for neatness and flamboyancy sadelikle composability aiming designer style holder at one of the important aspects of being fragrance. Therefore odor and accessory designs also reflected on the understanding of the same. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom women’s fragrance, confident-successful your posture of minors from reflecting but refreshment and tazelikten around emitting fragrance becoming Donna Karan quality full anlamıyla difference can smell. DKNY, from its inception New York yaşantısını representing and From New York takes inspiration from a company. Modern life within a day of how sonlanacağını ever bilinemeyeceği is of the opinion that Karan, women all activity instant fit options aims to offer. So Fresh Blossom, both will be attending a meeting yoğun, business görüşmelerinize or family yemeklerine; as well as the end of the day your friends buluşmanıza, calm in the park will be a perfume preference for a perfect fit.

The city Işıltısını Bearing Magical Apple
Round design bottle can easily carry in your bag and you need thanks at kokunuzu again tazeleyebilirsiniz. In the pink and at the bottom of the metal pieces of apple bottle odor, fun, clean and reflects the characteristic of spacious. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, Eau De Perfume as manufactured. Essences Eau De Toilet’e than yoğundur.3-4 hours lasting up to full kalıcılık. You can safely implement to perfume liquid is light color.




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